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COVID19 Pandemic

When Covid19 Started, A lot of cities and provinces in the whole Philippines closed their doors, closed their business temporarily, and Government-issued locked Down. Everyone is affected. Including Motorcycle Industry. All are locked down inside their house.

APITech PH think a way that everyone still can learn even inside their houses. So that only way is Online Training. We used to host our online training. It’s the best so far software for online meetings.


In APITech PH, Our goal is to find more aspiring to become APITech PH tuners. There are a lot of there that are interested to learn. So we are giving this Online Training for Free. Again I will say it, IT IS FREE TO LEARN APITECH ECU TUNING.

Online Training Batch 9

We are happy to announce today that our next training is on July 19, 2020, Sunday. That means that we already conducted 9th Online Training since we started. Average participants are most likely 35-100 people. Every Sunday is a productive day for attendees and to APITech ph.

To join next training just click this URL:
To all interested Please join us 🙂


So on this training, the main is we are going to teach you how to tune apitech ecu steps by step. We are going to tune live with a wideband sensor and data cable. We are going to share the desktop and show to you how to adjust and tune in MAP Table. This is LIVE.


Maam Irish from APITech PH will also go to discuss in how to become a dealer and earn.


Every Online Training, We also show how to use a Smart garage. An overview of how to use it…

See you on the training

How to Calibrate your AFR Wideband in API Tech ECU

afr calibration

Another Feature in API Tech ECU is the capability to catch the data from External Wideband Sensor. This is one of the best features for API Tech ECU. This function will give the tuner an easy tuning process. In API Tech ECU, there is a socket included with a green wire. This green wire is the 0-5v input for the external wideband sensors. Any wideband sensor is welcome to connect with this input. As long as the wideband sensor have also 0-5v output for the AFR.

In this article, I will give an example of the AEM X Series Wideband sensor calibration with API Tech ECU. AEM X series is very well known now in the FI tuning industry. There are a lot of demand now about this sensor. It is because it just works. Very accurate and Very good quality.

For quick googling… I found the PDF file for the manual of AEM X series. Click this to download the manual. On this manual, you will see the instructions on what color of the wire you should connect to our 0-5v input in API Tech ECU. According to the manual. Two wires for the output.

  • 1. Brown Wire (0-5V Analog Output Negative)
  • 2. White wire (0-5V Analog Output Positive+

So the brown wire should also be connected to black wire or to the negative battery. The white wire will be connected to the green wire of API Tech ECU. After that all good to go.

Trim Parameter AFR Calibration

To calibrate. You will need to go to the [TRIM] parameter tab, Below there an area for WB-AFR. So at first, it’s blank. Looks like this. afr calibration

we need to input the details from your manual. If you look at your manual for AEM X series, you can see 0-5V Analog Output Scaling Table. aem afr table

– For the volts. We going to input the first value which is 0.5 to API Tech software. And then we also input the last value of the volts which is 4.5
– For the AFR. We going to input the first value which is 8.5. And then we also input the last value of the afr which is 18
Looks like this
afr calibration

Now, the last step is to highlight each from left to right. And Right click Interpolate.
highlight left to right interpolate

After clicking the Interpolate for both tables. You will see the number is automatically interpolated between the first value and last value.
Afr calibration done
This is done… You should see your AFR between AEM gauge and the API tech software synchronized. Both should be almost the same as 0.1 – 0.2 difference… But if you having issues like its not almost the same, You can change the calibration above. You can change the first value of voltage and interpolate again to match the afr from the AEM gauge.


Many tuners always forgot this. You need to press enter so that the changes will send to the API Tech ECU.

Good luck. Happy tuning…

How to become Dealer in API Tech PH

APITech PH logo


In API Tech PH we make sure that all dealers/tuners can sell and tune API Tech ecu. That’s why It strictly required these tools:

1. AEM X Series Wideband Sensor

2. APITech Data Cable

After getting these tools, API Tech PH is conducting monthly training. At the moment we are doing Online APITech Training twice a month or every two weeks. On this training, we teach how to tune API tech ECU, how to use it, how to use smart garage diagnostic tools.

AEM X Series is not API tech brand so you can buy that anywhere there is available. Its really hard to find that but I think most of now are looking for it. The demand for the AEM x series is getting higher. Estimated price range 14,000 to 16,000 pesos.

APITech Data cable can be purchased in API Tech PH, just message API tech PH in Facebook

You can now buy 1 ECU to start with, to practice… Of course, you need to practice… There is no easy way. Tuning is hard, Sometimes simple. You just need to enjoy it.

Minimum purchased

There is no minimum purchased to become a dealer. That means if you have the requirements above, you can start learning about tuning and if you think you’re ready then you can start selling API tech ecu. API Tech PH have a big community for tuners. We have Facebook groups for support. This way we can help tuners/dealers to sell their racing ecu.

How to apply?

Just click to this link and below there is a button to fill out the form. Then that’s it wait for someone to contact you or message you on Facebook. OR you can follow up on the application by messaging them to Facebook page.

Let’s Get Started

API Tech PH Online Training on June 21

API Tech tuning MAP

Your Invited

We are inviting you to our next API Tech PH Training on June 21 at 1pm Philippine time. On this training we going to tune Sniper 150 with apitech racing ecu

We are proud to share our knowledge about apitech ecu tuning for all for FREE and now we are on Batch 7.

You will learn:

API Tech tuning MAP
APITech Tuning via mobile