How to use Smart Garage Step by Step

smart garage diagnostic tool

Smart Garage Diagnostic tool from APITech Thailand, APITech PH also distributing this product to the Philippines. This Diagnostic tools is very useful to all Motorcycle shop in the philippines. This tool is a must specially to those FI motorcycle repair shop.

Change to English Language

For the first time purchased of Smart Garage. The default language is in Thailand. So we have to change that first to English.

Enter Bootloader Menu

  • Hold “OK” button in your smart garage then turn on smart garage
  • Choose 01. Upgrade Firmware.
  • Select Yes.
  • Wait until complete 100%
  • If there is an error says “please insert micro SD card or something” you need to check your SD card and re-insert
  • After 100% complete. Wait the smart garage to reboot. IF not just turn off and turn on back smart garage.

Watch the video

Activate Smart Garage

First purchased, it’s not yet activated.. so you need to go to google play store in your android phone to download the app called “Smart Garage”
smart garage app
Watch the video

smart garage is ready
If your done activating and changing language, you will see something like the picture above. You can now start using the correct socket for your motorcycle. For example for Yamaha. Usually, Yamaha connector is the white 3 pins socket. That connector can be found very near on the battery of your motorcycle. Some old Yamaha motorcycle is using just single white wire such as TFX, R15 version 2 and Mxi.

How to use Smart Garage Diagnostic Tools

Not all problems in FI showing you an error code. So I am going to explain how to use a smart garage without the error code. We use the view parameter to analyze what’s happening to the motorcycle or what clue we can have to find the problems. Every problem has a CLUE. I am sure of that. We FITech Davao have experienced a lot of things like this. The View Parameter Really helps us to identify the problems. Please watch the video below and learn.

Using Smart Garage without Error Code

Good luck and use Smart Garage wisely

Thank you and I hope you learned a lot.