How to become Dealer in API Tech PH

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In API Tech PH we make sure that all dealers/tuners can sell and tune API Tech ecu. That’s why It strictly required these tools:

1. AEM X Series Wideband Sensor

2. APITech Data Cable

After getting these tools, API Tech PH is conducting monthly training. At the moment we are doing Online APITech Training twice a month or every two weeks. On this training, we teach how to tune API tech ECU, how to use it, how to use smart garage diagnostic tools.

AEM X Series is not API tech brand so you can buy that anywhere there is available. Its really hard to find that but I think most of now are looking for it. The demand for the AEM x series is getting higher. Estimated price range 14,000 to 16,000 pesos.

APITech Data cable can be purchased in API Tech PH, just message API tech PH in Facebook

You can now buy 1 ECU to start with, to practice… Of course, you need to practice… There is no easy way. Tuning is hard, Sometimes simple. You just need to enjoy it.

Minimum purchased

There is no minimum purchased to become a dealer. That means if you have the requirements above, you can start learning about tuning and if you think you’re ready then you can start selling API tech ecu. API Tech PH have a big community for tuners. We have Facebook groups for support. This way we can help tuners/dealers to sell their racing ecu.

How to apply?

Just click to this link and below there is a button to fill out the form. Then that’s it wait for someone to contact you or message you on Facebook. OR you can follow up on the application by messaging them to Facebook page.

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